Artist Statement

My work is rooted in the formality painting, gradually departing from the medium as I come across children’s materials in my everyday life as a mother.

The beginnings of my practice was an expression of Asian-American identity, connecting to ancestors by studying and employing Japanese traditional compositions, patterns and motifs.

After my daughter was born, my practice was jolted by her unbounded creative energy. Like all children, she drew with unbridled vitality. I realized, we have the universal experience when we are young, to fearlessly throw ourselves into the substrate, whether it be paper or a sidewalk. Then, we grow up, approaching drawing with hesitation, control and sometimes fear.

I wanted to learn from her marks. I traced her drawings into mine, linking our hands together with those of our ancestors. Moving from painting to drawings opened my practice to accept new mediums I came across as a parent — fusible bead abstractions, resin paintings with Shrinky Dinks, installation with domestic materials.

I have chosen to break the line between an artist’s life and motherhood. Merging the two into one has allowed me to hold onto my daughter a little longer, as she continues to grow and change. It has given me a wider understanding of life, to observe and convey as an artist.